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We will visit Sri Lanka two more times in 2021! Monique will fly to Sri Lanka as soon as possible. Together with Samudra, new patients are visited and photos and reports are made. We still have to pay attention to corona and other restrictions. The second time is tentatively planned with Tonny and Chantal in […]

Monique in Colombo

Monique is near Colombo and has visited patients she has seen on previous visits. One man had to be admitted to the hospital immediately due to serious inflammation. Someone was also sent to take care of him.

Contribution for wheelchair

This youth is living in Sevana, Special School and Child Care Centre. She is a bright student. She is in real need of an electric wheelchair which costs about € 1100,- -€ 1300,-. We donated € 125,- as another lady did. So € 250,- is a good start. If you would like to contribute as […]

Little sisters of the Poor

Little sisters of the Poor in Colombo. They take care of 91 elderly people. They received a wheelchair and a toilet shower chair.

Young people

This youth, 16 years old youth received a new wheelchair to replace his old one, to be able to go to school. He lives since 4 years in Sevana, Special school and child care centre, one of the best!Young people in Hendala Wattala. We want to see with the physiotherapist whether we can have adapted […]