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200 spectacles

Some 200 spectacles were distributed in Ratnapura and Hikkaduwa.


In the Rehabilitation hospital in Digane we met this lady. She will go home after 2 months fysiotherapy. We made an appointment with her husband to see their house on a mountain.Next day, we went back to the tempel to help the elderly lady to be able to walk in a more stabel manner with […]

Support for family

This family we already supported for a long time. On the first picture is Samudra, our coordinator in Kandy area who helped them to build the house. Unfortunately after long time sitting through the pressure bedsore comes. A machine to clean the wound for one week costs 25.000 roepies (125 euros). Unfortunately this is not […]

More help

This gentleman received a toilet shower chair for his sister and himself and an elbow crutch. We did a home visit next door (Hikkaduwa). This gentleman really needed crutches after an operation due to an accident and we gave him some cushions to sit more comfortable.

New bathroom

The toilet is not reachable for her, so a new bathroom is needed in the house, where she will be able to take a shower as well. Estimation of the costs are about 70.000 rupies plus a toilet shower chair of 14.000 rupies (350 + 70 euro). Our coordinator Samudra in Kandy area will look […]