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Fell from a tree

This man used to be an electrician. He fell from a tree six years ago. He may live at the temple all his life. He can use his arms well. Goes away with help and support, perhaps on our part for treatment. NIPSL gave him a wheelchair and a Korean man the engine. Can drive […]

Meeting with NIPSL

Meeting with NIPSL National Institute for the Care of Paraplegics Sri Lanka. Cooperation has been around for more than 20 years. We are also a member of the NIPSL.

Back in Sri Lanka

We are back in Sri Lanka! A new highway has been constructed to the south of Sri Lanka, so that we can also get there in a day.


We received a nice bonus for the Foundation from the VriendenLoterij, following the successful telephone campaign from April 22! Thanks callers and participants VriendenLoterij! Are you, or will you become a member of the VriendenLoterij? Please consider the Foundation help Sri Lanka as your charity. Your destiny than half goes directly to your chosen goal.

“Fairtrade” information evening

On a “Fairtrade” information evening of the ►KVG Venray told Monique Teeuwen Martens on her rehabilitation projects in Sri Lanka. The KVG has 1/3 of the money that was left of the project ‘Jacqueline Brazil, “given to Monique for her foundation S.R.O. Help Sri Lanka. She told fascinating about the comprehensive work they performed for […]

ANBI status

We are working on the ANBI status.For donors, there are advantages to the list of your income you can get gifts deduction for donations to an institution with ANBI status.