The foundation

The Foundation’s objective is to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities in Sri Lanka.

Since 1980 we bring all people with disabilities in Sri Lanka resources, which the opportunities and quality of life increases enormously. Examples include wheelchairs, walkers resources, beds, glasses, modifications of houses. The Foundation was established in 1983; initially for help in several countries.

Previously we collected aid in the Netherlands and rehabilitation equipment, let refurbishing it, pack into containers and shipping.
Nowadays, the process that we collect money and thus carry local rehabilitation equipment, co-financing of operations and modifications of houses.
We have decided to work avenues for Sri Lanka, because the accumulated network is an important driving force to do the job well. This is also the reason for changing the name of the foundation Foundation Rehabilitation Resources for Developing Countries to Help Sri Lanka.

We guarantee that every euro donated will be directly paid to the persons concerned.